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Top 5 benefits of smart home door locks in West Bloomfield

April 24, 2023
Person using app on phone to lock door.

Do you recollect when the simplest way to give a neighbor entry into your house was to leave an extra key under the welcome mat or inside a flower pot? There’s a much better means to do this these days. Smart home door locks in West Bloomfield will not only provide easy access to anyone you wish to let in, but they will also add safety and ease to your daily routine. See our top five benefits of these modern devices.

No. 1 - Enhanced security for your home

It’s not hard to see why placing a spare key outside for a neighbor isn’t the smartest idea. Smart home door locks provide the ability to eliminate traditional keys completely. Along with keyless entry, these tools enhance protection in a multitude of ways as you can:

  • Configure them to automatically lock following a specified length of time once they’ve been engaged.
  • Set them to engage at certain instances, like when you’re going to sleep.
  • Check your phone to see if the entrance is locked. If not, you may lock it remotely.

No. 2 - Smart home door locks in West Bloomfield make your life easier

Have you ever had trouble finding a key with a handful of groceries? This is no longer a problem with smart door locks. A simple press of your smartphone will have the door opened and ready for entry. Although operability can vary, numerous models deliver convenience through:

  • Operation through vocal commands and smart speakers. Need to disengage the lock when you’re busy making dinner? Simply speak a command to your Google or Amazon speaker.

No. 3 - Program codes for family, neighbors, and other approved visitors

One of the great things about most smart front door locks in West Bloomfield is that you aren’t limited to using one code for your keypad. Instead, you may set custom codes for those who should have access, like your family members, neighbors, and close friends. You may even set time-limited passcodes or those that can only be used at certain times. For example, if your housekeeper comes between 2 p.m and 4 p.m. on Wednesdays, you can set a code for that specific period.

No. 4 - Always know who’s entering your home

This goes along with No. 3, but it’s worth a mention. Not only are you able to assign codes, but you can also monitor who is using them and when. Did your young adult arrive unexpectedly during the day? You can even obtain updates through your mobile device home security app. When you do this, you’ll be promptly informed whenever somebody opens the door.

No. 5 - Configure along with other devices in your West Bloomfield home defense

Whenever you have home automation configured into your security system, you can add ease and protection by having tools work together. For example, you can set your main hallway light to switch on if the front door lock is opened. In addition, you can have the doors disengage on their own if a smoke or CO detector is triggered, allowing for a quicker exit. You have the opportunity to customize your security system in numerous ways.

Find smart home door locks in West Bloomfield from Vivint

Why not bring some additional convenience and safety to your life? Request smart home door locks in West Bloomfield as an element of your comprehensive home security from Vivint. You’ll appreciate the benefits such as access from anywhere, integration with other devices, and the ability to assign custom codes. Dial (248) 963-1801 today or fill out our easy form to request assistance.